Las Vegas Nights

Paul & Jack from DAMAGEiD w Turks and Caicos Rent-a-Buggy at Martorano's Italian Restaurant
Dinner with our wonderful customer from Turks and Caicos (Rent-a-Buggy) at Martorano’s, the Italian Restaurant at the Paris.
Jack & Charlie of DAMAGEiD with Cameron from Carl's Vans at the Bellagio
We were invited to a party in the Bellagio across the street. Here we are with another customer, Cameron from Carl’s Vans.
ICRS Cocktail Party looking down at the Bellagio Fountains and Paris Hotel.

Little Things can be Big … Update to Find Cases by Number!

DAMAGEiD Award Winning Innovation!

Added today – The ability to find a case by number.

From the Case List (on the backend), choose “Additional Filters”. Next enter a case or partial case number and click “Go”. The cases will be filtered by that number. See the video below.

The case number is matched using “wildcard” matches, you only have to remember a few digits of the case number to find it.

We hope this helps speed up your process! Thanks to the feedback from our wonderful customers from France, we are continuing to improve DAMAGE iD!