You Might be Losing Thousands of $$$$ Annually on Unclaimed Damage

Still doing paper and pen walkaround?  Why not a digital walkaround?  Your savvy customers do!!  Digital integrity gives you the confidence to be able to show customers exactly what damage occurred during their rental contract,  and charge them accordingly. It also means that customers are reassured that they will NOT be charged for previous damage. 
Uncollected damage adds up.   Consider this Cost Calculator:
Windshield crack: start at $ 350; paintable scratch, which could require panel refinishing, $250 per panel.   Tire/ hub cap damage, hundreds.  Cigarette burns, stained interior. Your company could be able to charge to the customer but only if they had digital documentation DATE and TIME-stamped as to when the damage occurred. 
How could you save money on Uncollected Damages? Use DAMAGE iD as your damage software. It allows you to do a digital walk-around and the portal to compare the pictures and send to customers as proof. This gives your company the integrity to charge accordingly and your customers with be more satisfied with your company.

Don’t have your customers feeling RIPPED off. Use DAMAGE iD today!!