Android 3.1r38 Launch – Immediate Sync, Direct Portal Link and more!

We are happy to announce a new version – 3.1 r38 is now available on the Google Play Store.

  • Immediate upload notification and sync.
  • Enhanced notification tray messages about uploads.
  • Enhanced debugging tools allowing user to retry uploads in case of a bad connection.
  • Direct link to the web portal from the app.

In the past, “Syncing” or uploading of movies and photos happened in the background – and could take up to 5 minutes.

The upload is now immediate.

As you may know, some customers have had problems with photos not uploading. This is especially noticeable where Wifi or mobile-data connections are not strong.

This release addresses that problem. Uploads are more reliable, and when they do fail, it will be much clearer what went wrong. A new “Try Again” button will appear, prompting the user to synchronize again, when they have a better data connection.

A new screen shows the user the status of the upload. The REVIEW PORTAL button takes the user directly to the case that just uploaded. No login is required – the user is securely authenticated from the app to the web REVIEW PORTAL.
If an upload does fail, a new button will appear on the main screen.
For advanced troubleshooting, a new button has been added to the “Debug Tools” screen
A new screen shows all details of the case, and allows you to re-sync the case when your connection is stronger.

As always, please share your feedback with We look forward to hearing your feedback!