DAMAGE iD is integrated with Cars Plus+

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WHY is it so exciting and beneficial that DAMAGE iD has integrated with Thermeon’s Cars Plus+?

DAMAGE iD is concerned about the User’s experience. How Simple is it to navigate and work together with a Rental Management Software tool?

Some of the benefits of the integrations include the following:

  • Use DAMAGE iD App to inspect vehicle before and after check-out and check-in of rental vehicle using the same Booking_ID or Rental Agreement# from RMS

  • Renter will automatically receive an email with all the photos and inspection report
  • RMS can have a redirect button in their platform to quickly open a vehicle inspection in DAMAGE iD using single sign-on
  • Manage and track all vehicle inspections, damages, reports in DAMAGE iD Web Portal or APP
  • Vehicles will be synced between RMS and DAMAGE iD automatically

Hot Summer Release for Apple Devices! Circle-Damages-In-App

We hope you are keeping cool We’ve just released version 3.8 on the Apple App Store!

This new version will help you specify the location of damage more accurately.

Tap to add new damage. Click “Existing Damages” to see already-added damage.

This version includes the ability to circle damage directly within the app.

After taking photos, a new screen will appear which allows you to review photos and add new damage.

You can add comments and identify the type of damage.

You can also click “Show Existing” to show previously added damage! (This helps you tell what damage is old vs new).

Once you upload and sync to the cloud, you can edit on the Review Portal.

Circled damages will also appear on exported PDFs (Share/Export features).

Damage will appear in the web-based Review Portal. It will be flagged with a red flag. Here it can also be further edited.

Apple and iPad (IOS) Users โ€“ Are you Running the Latest DAMAGE iD Version? Be sure to update to the latest version to get 3.8.

If you have any problems with the release let the A-Team Support Staff know. We’re excited to get your feedback!!