DAMAGE iD Continues to Innovate for 2019!!

Welcome 2019! The DAMAGE iD development team has made new Upgrades and Innovations for the World’s Leading Vehicle Damage identification Solution. Charlie Dalsass, software engineer for DAMAGE iD continues to make the changes required to follow the product road-map. The long-term road-map for the product includes: The ability to accommodate a wider variety of of […]

DAMAGE iD Partners with iQtransit, Inc.

DAMAGE iD  is excited to partner with Charlie Dalsass from IQtransit, Inc. of Lowell, MA. Charlie brings a fresh perspective, energy, innovations and experience to DAMAGE ID. Charlie has worked for 20 years in the technology space. Charlie has diverse experience, as Lead Developer at Banta Integrated media (now RR Donnelly), co-founder and CTO of a […]