UNITED MileFleet and DAMAGE iD in the Big Apple

Christmas Season … what a wonderful time to be in New York City!

On Thursday, Paula (president) and Jack (founder) met with the UNITED MileFleet team at the Classic Car Club in the Big Apple. The event promotes the DAMAGE iD products as well as offering steep discounts to members of the UNITED MileFleet Partner program.

Members of the program receive up to 20% discount on products for the rental and leasing industry, such as DAMAGE iD.

At the Classic Car Club, members network and share experiences relevant to rental and leasing companies. The venue was filled with classic vehicles, setting the perfect stage for networking, Christmas cheer, and also some serious marketing and promotion of DAMAGE iD.

Andy Wilson, president of UNITED MileFleet discussing the origins of the company.
Paula at Grand Central Station.

Some very hot cars at the Classic Car Club in New York.


10:00Breakfast & networking
10.45First presentations
12.15Coffee break
12.45Second presentations
15.00Tour of the venue
Merry Christmas from the DAMAGE iD A-Team!

Review Portal Update – Now Optimized for Smaller Devices

We’ve just made a new release to the portal.

We’ve optimized it for smaller devices and tablets.

The old version was suited for larger display sizes on desktops – full screen. However, we knew you wanted to access the portal with your mobile devices as well.

So we added additional mobile navigation, removed a few table columns and added over-under images/video so that you can see it with devices as small as an iPhone 5.

(The old, desktop version hasn’t changed at all.)

Check out the mobile-optimized version below (shown on a Galaxy S9)!

If you are using the new mobile version, let us know how it’s going at support@damageid.com. Enjoy the new update!

Damage Identification API Released

Today, we released our version 1.0 API for the DAMAGE iD API.

The release of the damage identification API is important because it opens up the functionality of DAMAGE iD to developers and IT integrators. Developers can use the API, or “application programming interface” to integrate more closely with DAMAGE iD – exposing it’s core services to software applications outside of the DAMAGE iD app and web portal. For example, the API could be used to pull damage tracking features into a conventional rental software application. Or the API could be used to bring Case statistics data into an analytics (reporting) package or database.

The documentation is a work-in-progress and will be updated as new features are added. The documentation can be found at https://www.damageid.com/api.

What is an API? According to Google, an API is a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.

To gain access to the API, developers must have a typical username and password as well as an “API Key” which is available upon request at support@damageid.com.

New Platform Announcement – Apple iPad

Last week we added iPad support for DAMAGE iD. iPad is a really great platform. We just love it. There is so much room on the screen. It feels like a clipboard in your hand – it just fits your hands better than a tiny phone. Feels like the right tool for a walk-around.

Although iPad is very different from the iPhone in terms of capabilities, the iPad version of DAMAGE iD is mostly the same as the iPhone version – with a few differences.

One difference is that you can rotate the iPad in any direction when taking photos. Another is that the icons and buttons are larger and easier to click.

In the future, we hope to make even better use of the special capabilities of iPad. One potential future application of iPad, given it’s larger size, is the ability to mark damage directly on the photo dragging your finger across the screen. Imagine red boxes or circles…. right to your photo or video! We think that feature would work really well on iPad and are looking forward to working on such a feature soon.

But for now, we just wanted to get it out on the Apple Store because we love new customers! (iPad support opens up DAMAGE iD to a whole new category of users.)

To download, just visit the App Store with your iPad.

DAMAGE iD Partners with iQtransit, Inc.

iQtransit -- transportation and logistics

DAMAGE iD  is excited to partner with Charlie Dalsass from IQtransit, Inc. of Lowell, MA.

iQtransit, Inc. from Lowell, MA

Charlie brings a fresh perspective, energy, innovations and experience to DAMAGE ID.

Charlie has worked for 20 years in the technology space. Charlie has diverse experience, as Lead Developer at Banta Integrated media (now RR Donnelly), co-founder and CTO of a web development firm, Neptune Web, Inc.,

He developed T-on-Time, a well-known regional mobile app for the MBTA.

He also founded iQtransit, Inc., which provides IT solutions for transportation and logistics companies. 

Jack Vercollone, the founder and visionary for DAMAGE iD envisions a renewal for our software that is long overdue. Jack formerly worked in the Car rental industry. He is now devoting his full energies to DAMAGE iD and will be working closely with Charlie.

Paula Vercollone has been keeping the “ship afloat” for the past several years, and is invigorated to be working with Charlie and to share experience anD knowledge.

DAMAGE iD’s software replaces the “paper and pencil walk-around” in the Car Rental Industry. DAMAGE iD takes photos of the vehicle before the rental agreement is complete, dates and time-stamps the image, and sends it off to the Cloud to be easily retrieved. NO photo-shopping allowed – DAMAGE iD makes the process of finding images simple because they are sorted by case. The software brings integrity to the car rental industry protecting BOTH the customer and the rental customer from incorrect accusations.

DAMAGE iD will soon release an updated version of the software to make theprocess of finding damage even more efficient!