How Auto Transporters can Protect Against False Damage Claims

DAMAGE iD, the software system which accurately documents the pre and post condition of your auto or other vehicle, is now ready for the Transporter.  How is that?  DAMAGE iD now has the ability to upload the vehicle’s vin number into the system for immediate retrieval and storage. Any “Smart” device will do, Apple or […]

DAMAGE iD brings Integrity to the Car Rental/Sharing Space

DAMAGEid is a mobile App, both Android and IOS compatible that was created through Extension Engine, an innovation lab connected to Harvard and M.I.T. Universities.  It was launched April 2014 at the International Car Rental Show in LasVegas  receiving a lot of “buzz”.  Founder and visionary, Jack Vercollone, owner of independent car rental company, Verc […]

DAMAGE iD Now has Existing Damage, Outgoing Images on Return

DAMAGE iD continues to develop Upgrades for IOS and Android Welcome 2019 as DAMAGE iD continues to Pump Out recent Upgrades and innovations for the World’s Leading Damage identification Solution. Charlie Dalsass, the DAMAGE iD software engineer continues to produce user-friendly means to document the condition of one’s vehicles. Whether it be for a Fleet […]

Who’s Responsible?

Jerry Smith thought he had done everything he could to avoid a astronomical damage claim on his rental BMW. He took pictures of his vehicle before he picked it up and after he returned it. He noted every pre-existing scratch and dent in the paperwork. But he thought wrong. An car rental representative at Logan International […]

Password Auto-Fill makes DAMAGE iD Faster to Use than Ever

It is now faster to use DAMAGE iD. We’ve added the ability to pre-fill your username and passwords, because we know how frustrating it is to perform a walk-around while trying to type those tricky passwords. Password Auto-Fill was introduced in DAMAGE iD Android version 2.0 and iPhone version 1.0.8 in late summer 2018. Here’s […]

How Car Rental Owners can Reduce Losses on Auto Damage

Car Rental agency owners know how difficult it can be to collect for damages incurred by customers. The car may be in a certain condition before the car was driven off the lot, but often comes back with damages that were never there before. Many times it can be tough to prove that such nicks, […]