DAMAGE iD Now has Existing Damage, Outgoing Images on Return

DAMAGE iD continues to develop Upgrades for IOS and Android

Welcome 2019 as DAMAGE iD continues to Pump Out recent Upgrades and innovations for the World’s Leading Damage identification Solution.

Charlie Dalsass, the DAMAGE iD software engineer continues to produce user-friendly means to document the condition of one’s vehicles.

Whether it be for a Fleet Transportation System, a Motor Home or Camper rental, Rental Car Company, Amazon delivery Service, or any business or Municipality with a Shared Fleet, DAMAGE iD is here to be THE Award-winning, Global Solution to solve your needs of identifying and documenting the previous and New Damage on your Vehicle.

The latest Android Upgrade will incorporate the Barcode Scanning system to quickly and accurately identify the vehicle and ADD this unit onto the Cases of the Fleet List.
Most recent Upgrades have allowed the Agent to “Flag” or Mark Damage as pre-existing in order to alleviate Customer confusion as to when the Damage actually occurred. This strategy greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Another Customer Satisfaction improvement is viewing the Outgoing Images upon the Return of the Rental. Pictures don’t lie, and date and time-stamped images allow for NO questions when it comes to the condition of the vehicle at the time of the Rental Agreement. This feature is now available on BOTH IOS and Android.

Charlie continues to develop and Upgrade DAMAGE iD. We look forward to what he does next!!