How Car Rental Owners can Reduce Losses on Auto Damage

Car Rental agency owners know how difficult it can be to collect for damages incurred by customers. The car may be in a certain condition before the car was driven off the lot, but often comes back with damages that were never there before. Many times it can be tough to prove that such nicks, scratches and dents weren’t there before, especially when relying on old-fashioned and ineffective walk-arounds.

Car rental agencies often don’t make as much money on collision coverage as desired. Typically, customers are only asked once during the initial contract signing if they would like to purchase collision coverage, and often the answer is “no”.

Profits can be significantly boosted using an innovative new vehicle damage tracking software for Your Android or Apple device from DAMAGE iD. This software effectively eliminates traditional pencil and paper condition reports. More coverage can be successfully sold, and damage and fuel reimbursement can be increased.

Car rental agents can use a digital device – such as a smartphone or tablet, and follow the steps to take photos of vehicles and gas levels during checkout. Clients have a chance to review the images and are prompted a second time to accept Collision Damage Waiver. DAMAGE iD gives agents another opportunity to sell their collision insurance, and effectively boost profits.

When the vehicle is returned at the end of the rental term, agents have an opportunity to take new photos and flag for any damage incurred. Management reviews any flagged cases that are brought forth and gas levels are compared. At this point, management has a solid case to bring forth to the customers so they are able to show the damage and gas levels, rather than have to fight to prove their case. And customers will also appreciate the fact that they won’t be held accountable for any damage that they were not responsible for.

DAMAGE iD can be highly beneficial for both car rental agencies and customers alike.