Be Prepared for Our Latest New Release … “The Matrix” ? ? ?

For all you movie buffs, we’ve code-named our “Neo” DAMAGE iD release … “The Matrix”!

We chose this name because, now – directly on the app – you can scroll “vertically” (in time) and horizontally (over the positions of photos taken) – a “grid” (or matrix) layout. We think make identifying where a damage was first introduced much easier than today’s version.

All fun aside, we think this feature will save you some serious money on vehicle damage.

Will “The Matrix” release save DSPs and rental agencies time and money finding and proving damage? Photo copyright Warner Bros. (United States).

This release is targeted especially for DSPs – but also relevant for rental companies as well.

Today, the DAMAGE iD app has one main “flow”: The ability to take photos and video, then upload them into the cloud.

In the “Matrix” version (3.7), there are now two main “flows” – the ability to take photos and video and to review them.

The new release will include 2 main functions instead of one.
Users will be presented with these 2 main options, once this release goes live.
In “Review Photos, users can scroll up and down vertically in time since the earliest photo was taken. Change photo position at the bottom. Identify previously captured damage with the flags and red triangles in each position.

We are planning to launch “The Matrix” release version 3.7 on Android first. Once we receive feedback on Android, we’ll then launch on Apple (IOS) devices. Look for an announcement shortly.

So …. Are you ready to enter “The Matrix”? ?? If so, please send us your feedback at the email below.

Your “A-TEAM”, (

Why Amazon DSPs are choosing to use DAMAGE iD for their Reporting System

Damage to the Fleet is the biggest Loss from profit.  It’s hard enough making a profit as a DSP Owner, never mind paying exorbitant Damage Costs. DAMAGE iD provides DSPs with an affordable software solution which monitors the condition of the Fleet sending the Date and Time-stamped Images Directly to the Owner.   DSP Dispatchers, Managers or Drivers take daily photos of the Vans to keep track of the  van’s condition and provide a running audit. This Daily Photo Report helps the Owner notice WHEN and with WHOM the Damage occurred. DSP Owners have requested the ability to View ALL Past photos on the App in a “Photo Matrix” (to be announced soon). DAMAGE iD is developing the “Photo Matrix” feature, due for launch this Month!!  Contact DAMAGE iD today at: