Why Amazon DSPs are choosing to use DAMAGE iD for their Reporting System

Damage to the Fleet is the biggest Loss from profit.  It’s hard enough making a profit as a DSP Owner, never mind paying exorbitant Damage Costs. DAMAGE iD provides DSPs with an affordable software solution which monitors the condition of the Fleet sending the Date and Time-stamped Images Directly to the Owner.   DSP Dispatchers, Managers or Drivers take daily photos of the Vans to keep track of the  van’s condition and provide a running audit. This Daily Photo Report helps the Owner notice WHEN and with WHOM the Damage occurred. DSP Owners have requested the ability to View ALL Past photos on the App in a “Photo Matrix” (to be announced soon). DAMAGE iD is developing the “Photo Matrix” feature, due for launch this Month!!  Contact DAMAGE iD today at: https://www.damageid.com/dsp/