✌🏻Two New Features on the App Store‼️- “Your Way” Vehicle Identifier πŸ”ŽπŸš˜ and Multiple RA Numbers πŸ—“οΈ

DAMAGE iD IOS 4.8, Android 4.4 r95 adds richer customization to make your vehicle inspection process easier.

Introducing “Your Way” Vehicle Identifier and Multiple RA Numbers

Feature #1 “Your Way” Vehicle Identifier

This feature allows you to choose between the following options in both the app and Review Portal:

1. Unit Number  
2. License Plate or
3. VIN
4. Rental Agreement (RA) Number

You can start your vehicle inspection in the way that you prefer.

You can also make a Company-wide settings for your employees.

And you can remove the fields you don’t use for a more streamlined experience.

In the Review Portal, “Your Way” Vehicle Identifier settings can be configured in your account App/Photo Settings. 

On the app, you can customize your vehicle identifier using Settings (see video below).

App Vehicle Identifier settings on DAMAGEiD App

Note: Users can change “Your Way” Vehicle Identifier locally on the app too, overriding the company-wide settings.

This is a much anticipated feature for customers with an integration with Rental Management Systems such as CarsPlus, BlueBird, Sofiac, FareHarbor. Integrated customers can now use commonly used vehicle identifiers (Unit Number, License Plate, VIN) to inspect vehicles on DAMAGEiD app. (Formerly these customers could only use Rental Agreement number).

Feature#2: Multiple Rental Agreements on single inspection

Now  DAMAGEiD allows two Rental Agreement numbers in a single Case Inspection (set of before/after photos).

Inspections can store #RA_OUT as Going Out Rental Agreement and #RA_IN as Return Rental Agreement.

You can start a Return inspection with an additional updated Rental Agreement Number on the same vehicle. (In the case a new Rental Agreement number is not chosen, if the customer has an integration, DAMAGEiD automatically selects a new active Rental Agreement Number).

Visit the Google Play and Apple Appstore, for versions DAMAGE iD IOS 4.8, Android 4.4 r95.

We look forward to your feedback on these 2 great features! Email the A-TEAM to let us know how you are doing.