๐Ÿšš โš™ โš™ DAMAGE iD adds NEW Box-Truck and Tire Silhouettes

DSPs and delivery, lease, truck rentals, are you Excited??? You will be … when you notice the Newest silhouette shapes in the repertoire!

DAMAGE iD is very customizable. Our Templates Feature allows many different, custom configurations. For example, you can set up a template to sell your vehicle or do an inspection mid-way through a lease.

You asked for different vehicle types, and you GOT IT!

From the Review Portal go to Settings โ†’ Photo / Templates โ†’ Edit (Click Pencil). Fill in a custom position and click “S” (for “silhouettes”). See the “How-to” video.

In the app, they will appear as icons (below).

This gives our customers following silhouette options:

  1. Car 5 (Taken from corners)
  2. Car 7 (Taken from sides)
  3. Van 5 (Taken from corners)
  4. Van 7 (Taken from sides)
  5. SUV
  6. Jet ski
  7. Pontoon
  8. Box Truck
  9. Parts (wheels and dashboard)

But remember, you can still add custom photos to the template without silhouettes!

What will you want next?

DAMAGE iD listens to our Customers. Bristol Car and Truck Rental from Ontario Canada, a Legacy User of DAMAGE iD has been using the original Sedan for nearly 10 years and requested these truck silhouettes … Voila!

Email or Call if you’d like More help in changing the Shape choices of your Inspection…OR, view the “How to” video (below) for details: