DAMAGE iD brings Integrity to the Car Rental/Sharing Space

DAMAGEid is a mobile App, both Android and IOS compatible that was created through Extension Engine, an innovation lab connected to Harvard and M.I.T. Universities.  It was launched April 2014 at the International Car Rental Show in LasVegas  receiving a lot of “buzz”. 

Founder and visionary, Jack Vercollone, owner of independent car rental company, Verc Car Rental with 6 locations on the SouthShore of Massachusetts, Marshfield, Plymouth, Quincy, Middleboro, Rockland and Weymouth, experience the problem of losing money from uncollected damage on his rental fleet.

Revenue was lost in gas charges, CDW sales and small damage claims. Jack brought this problem to Extension Engine and together, they created DAMAGE ID a cloud-based technology solution to replace the inaccurate, subjective, paper and pencil walk-around inspection.

DAMAGE ID provides a condition reporting system for the car rental/sharing industry that is excellent in its simplicity.  The property owner downloads DAMAGE ID in his/her device whether Apple or Android, signs in with their own username and password, and is offered 7 visual prompts, including a silhouette for easy following, to begin the documentation process.  As well as these 7 prompts, DAMAGE ID offers as many as 5 additional photos of whatever the user needs.

DAMAGE ID targets the independent Car Rental Market, but could easily be integrated with other systems due to its API.  Currently, the owners of DAMAGE ID have been in discussion with Avis/Budget, Advantage-Ezee Car and Dollar/Thrifty.  DAMAGE ID could also be attached to the car sharing space with companies such as Zip Car ( owned by Avis) or Turo or any other car sharing platform.

In addition to car rental companies, DAMAGE ID could be used for ANY rental products such as boats, bicycles, skiis, motor homes, trucks.  Individual users could benefit from DAMAGE ID, as well.  Once the individual renter downloads DAMAGE ID he/she could photo their borrowed/shared property with the date and time stamped on the image. The high-definition image would be stored in the cloud for easy retrieval.  When the rented or shared product was returned, the renter would take another series of images and upload them to the cloud for side by side comparison of the before and after transaction.  No arguments on the condition of the car, motor home, boat, jet ski,etc.

DAMAGE ID brings integrity to the car rental/sharing space.  Both the consumer and the owner are validated with these date and time-stamped images with no ability to “photo-shop” them.  DAMAGE ID is the third party out-source to offer clear, undeniable documentation of one’s assets. “Cover your Ass”, Owner, Paula Vercollone likes to say.  Using accurate, date and time-stamped, high-definition images, customer disputes disappear.  “A picture’s worth a thousand words”.

Call owner Paula Vercollone today to set up a FREE one month trial of DAMAGE ID and join the DAMAGE ID family of happy, satisfied and over-joyed customers world-wide who currently enjoy this new technology which replaces their paper and pencil walk-arounds, saves a tree, doesn’t melt in the rain and can be retrieved anywhere.