DAMAGE iD Now has Existing Damage, Outgoing Images on Return

Record any esisting damage.

DAMAGE iD continues to develop Upgrades for IOS and Android

Welcome 2019 as DAMAGE iD continues to Pump Out recent Upgrades and innovations for the World’s Leading Damage identification Solution.

Charlie Dalsass, the DAMAGE iD software engineer continues to produce user-friendly means to document the condition of one’s vehicles.

Whether it be for a Fleet Transportation System, a Motor Home or Camper rental, Rental Car Company, Amazon delivery Service, or any business or Municipality with a Shared Fleet, DAMAGE iD is here to be THE Award-winning, Global Solution to solve your needs of identifying and documenting the previous and New Damage on your Vehicle.

The latest Android Upgrade will incorporate the Barcode Scanning system to quickly and accurately identify the vehicle and ADD this unit onto the Cases of the Fleet List.
Most recent Upgrades have allowed the Agent to “Flag” or Mark Damage as pre-existing in order to alleviate Customer confusion as to when the Damage actually occurred. This strategy greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Another Customer Satisfaction improvement is viewing the Outgoing Images upon the Return of the Rental. Pictures don’t lie, and date and time-stamped images allow for NO questions when it comes to the condition of the vehicle at the time of the Rental Agreement. This feature is now available on BOTH IOS and Android.

Charlie continues to develop and Upgrade DAMAGE iD. We look forward to what he does next!!

How Car Rental Owners can Reduce Losses on Auto Damage

Reduce Car Rental Costs with DAMAGEiD

Car Rental agency owners know how difficult it can be to collect for damages incurred by customers. The car may be in a certain condition before the car was driven off the lot, but often comes back with damages that were never there before. Many times it can be tough to prove that such nicks, scratches and dents weren’t there before, especially when relying on old-fashioned and ineffective walk-arounds.

Car rental agencies often don’t make as much money on collision coverage as desired. Typically, customers are only asked once during the initial contract signing if they would like to purchase collision coverage, and often the answer is “no”.

Profits can be significantly boosted using an innovative new vehicle damage tracking software for Your Android or Apple device from DAMAGE iD. This software effectively eliminates traditional pencil and paper condition reports. More coverage can be successfully sold, and damage and fuel reimbursement can be increased.

Car rental agents can use a digital device – such as a smartphone or tablet, and follow the steps to take photos of vehicles and gas levels during checkout. Clients have a chance to review the images and are prompted a second time to accept Collision Damage Waiver. DAMAGE iD gives agents another opportunity to sell their collision insurance, and effectively boost profits.

When the vehicle is returned at the end of the rental term, agents have an opportunity to take new photos and flag for any damage incurred. Management reviews any flagged cases that are brought forth and gas levels are compared. At this point, management has a solid case to bring forth to the customers so they are able to show the damage and gas levels, rather than have to fight to prove their case. And customers will also appreciate the fact that they won’t be held accountable for any damage that they were not responsible for.

DAMAGE iD can be highly beneficial for both car rental agencies and customers alike.

Who’s Responsible?

Know Who's at fault with DAMAGEiD documentation of damage claims.

Jerry Smith thought he had done everything he could to avoid a astronomical damage claim on his rental BMW.

He took pictures of his vehicle before he picked it up and after he returned it. He noted every pre-existing scratch and dent in the paperwork.

But he thought wrong.

An car rental representative at Logan International Airport informed him that “his pictures were pointless” when he brought the BMW back and that his vehicle, which had a small scratch on the rear passenger door, was going to be processed by the company’s claims division.

Days later, Jerry started to receive a series of claim letters demanding a payment of over $1450. When Jerry questioned the amount, based on the amount of damage HE DOCUMENTED, he was told that the entire door had to be replaced. And there was ‘loss of use’ associated with that. He asked for proof of the repair, but was denied and told that was ‘company property’.”

Jerry’s story is NOT unique. With DAMAGEiD – the car rental company AND the customer are BOTH equally protected.  DamageiD requires Car Rental companies take pictures of all vehicles checking out and returning and document any damage, mileage and fuel, All images are time and date stamped- thereby eliminating the scenario above and causing animosity between company and renter. Download DAMAGE iD today and start realizing there is life after pen and paper.

Password Auto-Fill makes DAMAGE iD Faster to Use than Ever

Password Auto-Fill puts you in the fast-lane

It is now faster to use DAMAGE iD.

We’ve added the ability to pre-fill your username and passwords, because we know how frustrating it is to perform a walk-around while trying to type those tricky passwords.

Password Auto-Fill was introduced in DAMAGE iD Android version 2.0 and iPhone version 1.0.8 in late summer 2018.

Here’s how it works for each of the different app platforms.


Android is dead simple. Just enter your password the first time, and from that point on, it will be remembered for you.

The password is stored in an encrypted form, but please note that someone else using your phone could login as you and compromise your identity.

In order to remove the password, just uninstall and reinstall the app.


IPhone uses the Apple Keychain technology to secure your passwords.

Apple devices store the password in the “Keychain”. Look for the small key when you login.

If you are using ICloud Keychain or Safari Autofill to store your passwords already, the easiest way
to use this feature is to log into the “Review Portal” site at https://app.damageid.com with Safari (mobile or desktop) and choose “Remember my Password”.

Next, login to the app. After tapping on the “Username” field, the QuickType Bar will appear at the top of the slide up keypad. Look for a little key icon (see below).

After clicking the key icon, the password which was saved on the website will appear.

If you aren’t using ICloud Keychain or Safari Autofill, you can still use Auto-Fill on DAMAGE iD by entering it manually the first time.

To enter it manually, go to your IPhone Settings and choose:
Accounts and Passwords -> App & WebSite Passwords and choose “Add Password”. Add “app.damageid.com” for the website, and your standard username and password.

From that point on, you should see the key icon and the QuickType Bar
when logging into the app.

DAMAGE iD is as simple as 1,2,3.

DAMAGEiD makes it simple to document vehicle condition and take return photos.

DAMAGE iD, the software system which accurately documents the pre and post condition of your auto or other vehicle, is now ready for the Transporter. How is that? DAMAGE iD now has the ability to upload the vehicle’s vin number into the system for immediate retrieval and storage.
Any “Smart” device will do, Apple or Android.

Step One: Go to Google Playstore or Apple store and download DAMAGE iD.

Step Two: Contact DAMAGE iD to obtain a Username and Password

Step Three: Open the App, type in Last 6 digits of the Vin or the License plate, and START TAKING PICTURES!!


Once arrived at the drop-off destination, “return” photos may be taken with the date and time-stamped directly on the image to prove the post-condition of the vehicle.

DAMAGE iD knows this simple and accurate system will alleviate any disputes with the car dealership or dispatcher in transportation. It has been proven to work every time. Insurance Companies appreciate these irrefutable images as well.
Give DAMAGE iD a look. DAMAGE iD.com

DAMAGE iD a Perfect Fit for Fleet Sharing Inspection Reporting

Most recently, Amazon and other large companies who share delivery trucks contacted DAMAGE iD to find a solution to document the condition of the Fleet before it gets dispatched for the day. Then, upon return, the photo documentation is repeated. This process protects the driver who will not be held responsible for previous damage. It also holds the driver accountable for any new damage which occurs during his shift.
Amazon and other delivery companies like UPS and FedEx lose a lot of money on “mystery damage” in their fleet. DAMAGE iD can help solve this dilemma and keep the costs of repairing damage to a minimum by charging the insurance companies for the incurred damage.

DAMAGE iD also has an API which can help transportation and delivery services who currently utilize a software, to integrate and add this DAMAGE documentation feature seamlessly.

Next time your Company is considering how to design an inspection report, think of DAMAGE iD.

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DAMAGE iD Now Using KeyStore and Saved Passwords

Your username and password are stored automatically!

In a few short weeks, DAMAGE ID has launched 2 new releases, thanks to our developer/engineer, Charlie Dalsass. Here’s what he has to say, “The newest release automatically stores the username and password on the users’ device which saves the agent TIME, and ultimately $$$$, during the walk-around process. This release will really save time for users.” – Charlie Dalsass, DamageID Software Engineer.

Be on the LOOKOUT for our BIGGEST UPDATE which will further simplify and provide quick access to the documentation process.  While DAMAGE ID was originally launched at the International Car Rental Show in April, 2014, by Jack Vercollone and his crew, it has been put on the “back burner”, so to speak, while Mr. Vercollone was operating his independent Verc Car Rentals and setting up a Sixt Franchise.  Currently, the franchise failed and Jack has retired from Verc, allowing him time to be FULLY invested in DAMAGE ID. 

With the partnership of Charlie Dalsass, we look forward to a vibrant re-launch into the Car Rental Market.

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Vehicle Condition Tracking for Energy Companies and Shared Vehicles

Don't let your company or municipality fleet of cars or trucks get damaged by employees.

Does your Company or Municipality have a fleet of cars or trucks that are shared by multiple employees?  Does “mystery damage” occur, and no one seems to know from whence it came?

Are you losing money by paying for employee-induced damage?  DAMAGE ID could be YOUR solution!!

DAMAGE ID takes vivid, date and time-stamped images of the vehicle and stores these in “the cloud”.  Upon return of one’s shift, new images may be taken and then compared to the Outgoing photos.  Pictures don’t lie!! A picture is worth a thousand words (or dollars, in this case).

Employees who use DAMAGE ID will be held accountable for the damage that occurs on their shift.  Wouldn’t YOU drive more cautiously if you knew this to be the case??

DAMAGE iD Received Fabulous Feedback at ICRS Vegas

DAMAGEiD at the International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas

Current customers and fresh interest visited our DAMAGE iD booth during the International Car Rental Show in Vegas March 27-29.  Perhaps this high interest was due to the panel on which DAMAGE ID was featured regarding “Damage assessment techniques”.   Along with Ian K. from Empire Rent a Car in Brooklyn, Paula Vercollone, Verc Car Rental in SouthShore of Mass., presented the financial benefits of using common technology to report the condition of the rental both before and after the transaction with a side by side comparison, date and time-stamped.

Car Rental customers are learning the customer service benefit of protecting the customer from unwarranted charges for previous damage. It’s a win/win situation.  Customers and rental agents feel confident when reporting the amount of gas in the vehicle on the return. If a customer “forgets”, the photos don’t lie.