Today’s Launch – Review Portal New Features Launched – Filter by Username, Medium and Large-Sized Layouts Improved

Fresh of the Press! We are happy to announce Today’s new features on the Review Portal.

  1. View Case – improved support for medium-sized and very large devices (HD Screens on Desktop). After updating for smaller devices and tablets, this completes a major round of updates across all device sizes.
The Review Portal as-seen on a 1200px wide screen. Formerly, the user would be forced to scroll to the right. This will make things more convenient. On very large screens, we now “grow” the pictures to the full width of the screen.

2. In the “Case List”, we added a new filter (Additional Filters) for User

“Filter By User” can be found in “Additional Filters”. Use this to segment your fleet. (Note: The user is the inspector or user who took photos).